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January 11, 2024

5 Most Common Home Heating Systems in Canada

An HVAC technician inspects an outdoor heat pump unit

There are multiple types of home heating systems in Canada, each designed for various climates and home sizes. That’s right—furnaces and boilers aren’t the only ones that provide warmth to your living spaces. 

Right now is the perfect time to acquaint yourselves with all kinds of heating systems in Canada, especially when looking for a new model. We’ll explain the differences between all heating systems and direct you to the best brands for each category.

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Types of Heating Systems in Canada

  1. Furnaces 

A furnace is the most common heating system in Canada due to its affordability. This heating system works by absorbing cold air indoors, burning fuel to heat the air, and then distributing heated air through the home’s ductwork. Let’s explore the different types of furnaces:

  • Natural Gas Furnace: The most affordable furnace type due to the abundance of natural gas; it combusts the gas to produce heat.
  • Electric Furnace: Instead of combustion, electric furnaces rely on power to distribute warm air.
  • Oil Furnace: This furnace type relies on fuel oil to warm the home.
  • Propane Furnace: Instead of gas, this furnace burns propane, a cleaner gas, to efficiently produce heat.

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Best Furnace Brands in Canada 
  • Has a good track record for producing energy-efficient furnaces
  • Has a wide range of furnace types
  • A good choice for buying cost-effective home heating systems
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units
  • Quiet furnaces
  • Up to 10-year warranty available*
  • Smartphone control compatible for certain units
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units
  • Uses variable speed motors for maximum performance efficiency
  • Lifetime warranty for heat exchanger
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units

*Terms and conditions apply

  1. Heat Pumps 

Heat pump systems are becoming more popular because of their amazing benefits for households and the environment. This type is the most energy-efficient among other home heating systems in Canada. 

Burning fossil fuels (natural gas and oil) greatly damages the environment due to the release of greenhouse gases. Manufacturers found a way to curb this issue by producing heat pumps—a heating and cooling solution that relies on heat transfer. Instead of burning fuel, a heat pump’s components pull heat outdoors to warm the indoors and vice versa. 

Heat pumps come in different types, too:

  • Air-source Heat Pump: Draws heat from the air outside
  • Ground-source Heat Pump: Also known as geothermal heat pumps, these collect heat from the ground
  • Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump: Functions like air-source heat pumps, except this type doesn’t need a duct system to distribute warm or cool air indoors

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Best Heat Pump Brands in Canada 
  • Competitive air-source heat pump models
  • SEER ratings reach up to 21*
  • HSPF ratings reach up to 10*
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units
  • Affordable, good quality heat pumps
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units
  • Heat pumps patterned accurately to Canadian weather
  • Heat pump units have variable speed compressors and smart features
  • Consistent comfort all year round
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units

*Higher SEER and HSPF ensure greater energy efficiency and lower the overall carbon footprint 

  1. Boilers 

A boiler is another one of the most common heating systems in Canada and has been around for a long time. It also burns fuel to heat water inside its chamber, a process called hydronic systems. An electric pump distributes the heated water throughout the house by sending it to the radiators or floor radiant heating systems in different rooms. 

A silver boiler in a basement, and several supply lines and plumbing connect to it

Below are different types of boilers based on their fuels:

  • Gas Boiler: Has a pilot light that ignites the gas to heat the water.
  • Oil Boiler: Works the same as a gas boiler, but it sources its fuel from an oil tank nearby.
  • Electric Boiler: Relies on electric heating components to boil the water inside its chamber to produce heat.
Best Boiler Brands in Canada 
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units
  • May qualify for energy rebate programs
  • One of the leading boiler brands in Canada
  • Long-lasting 
  • A trusted boiler manufacturer due to their long time service in the industry
  • Wide selection of boilers based on types and sizes
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units
  • Has an AFUE rating ranging from 95 to 98
  • Known for their affordable and energy efficient heat only and combi boilers
  • Backed by impressive warranties
  • Offers ENERGY STAR-certified units
  1. Electric Baseboard Heating

Another home heating system you should look into is an electric baseboard, also known as electric resistance heating. It’s a form of zone heating that controls individual temperatures in your rooms. 

An electric baseboard is a long, narrow device placed on the bottom of walls. Electricity runs through the unit’s metal heating element to generate heat. The heated air passes through its fins, warming your room. Users may control the temperature via its built-in or wall-mounted thermostat. 

Best Electric Baseboard Brands in Canada 
  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • Analog and smart controls compatible
  • Durable 
  • Offers a wide size range to accommodate all sorts of spaces
  • Has built-in thermostat for better control over energy usage
  1. Fireplaces and Woodstoves 

Before all other home heating systems in Canada existed, fireplaces and woodstoves were the main heat sources. Users must place firewood or pellets inside a lit chamber to produce heat.

A lit fireplace inside a living room 

Unfortunately, this heating system isn’t as efficient as other types when it comes to heating large spaces. Fireplaces and wood stoves are also zone heaters that only heat a certain area. However, they’re still a great backup heating system when brownouts occur since they don’t run on electricity. 

Best Fireplace and Woodstove Brands in Canada 
  • Offers units with high BTUs 
  • Long burn times
  • EPA-certified
Pleasant Hearth
  • Has high energy efficiency ratings for their products
  • Long burn times
  • Customizable designs

*BTU is the unit to measure heat content of fuels or energy sources

The #1 Heating System Installation Service in Ontario 

Now that you know the types of heating systems available in Canada, which one do you prefer the most? Before you choose, ensure you consider the following factors:

  • Geographical climate
  • Home layout and size
  • Fuel availability in your area
  • Home insulation level

LG Home Comfort is your partner in heating and cooling solutions. It’s our mission to provide your family with the best home heating systems to keep you comfortable all year round.

Reach out to our team today to find out which heating system is best for your needs. We have an extensive catalogue of excellent brands and offer professional installation and maintenance services to ensure your home heating system stays efficient for years.

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