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March 16, 2023

7 Home Energy-Efficiency Tips to Lower Electricity Bills

Home Energy-efficiency Tips To Lower Electricity Bills - LG Home Comfort

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As the temperatures rise, having an energy-efficient home will help you avoid unnecessary energy waste and high utility bills. It’s easier than you think to maintain comfortable temperatures within your home without breaking the bank.

Here are seven home energy-efficiency tips to help you save on costs and save the planet during the spring and summer seasons:

    1. Defrost Refrigerators

Do you defrost your refrigerators on a regular basis? The build-up of frost can cause foul odours and affects your appliance’s functionality. As a result, your refrigerator works twice as hard and consumes more energy than it usually would. The high energy consumption comes from the lack of proper airflow, which reduces the lifespan of your appliance. 

Fortunately, you can avoid this by simply defrosting it! All you have to do is turn off your refrigerator, unplug it, and keep its door open. This allows you to remove the ice easily without compromising your appliance. On the other hand, some refrigerators offer a defrosting system, which won’t require much effort from your end as it carries out the process almost automatically. 

    2. Unplug All Unused Appliances

Make it a habit to unplug all unused appliances, like the dryer, washing machine, and microwave. All plugged objects bleed energy, known as “standby electricity loss.” Even if they’re not being used, your appliances continue to draw power and raise your bills. 

Aside from that, leaving your appliances plugged in and switched on could even cause a fire

    3. Insulate Your Home

Many people think home insulation should only be done during winter to prevent heat loss. But did you know this method also keeps warm air out during spring and summer? 

Home insulation helps to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. You can do this by simply adding foam or fibreglass between cavities to seal any gaps. This makes air leakage impossible, which lessens energy losses from your HVAC systems!

Insulate Your Home - LG Home Comfort

    4. Fight Off Heat with Window Curtains and Blinds

Your window curtains are more than just a decorative statement. They make your home more energy efficient because they can stop direct sunlight from shining through. As a result, your indoor climate won’t be affected as much by the outdoor heat. Besides heat blockage, one of the benefits of thick curtains is that you can look forward to less noise from the outdoors since the fabric absorbs and mutes the sound.

    5. Install a Smart Thermostat

Having a smart thermostat in your home will do wonders in terms of energy efficiency. It’ll allows you to create and program customizable thermostat settings based on your schedules, weather conditions, etc. A smart thermostat is also capable of automatically shutting off your heating and cooling systems. 

    6. Get Energy-Saving Devices

If you’re dedicated to making your home as energy efficient as possible, then opting for energy-saving devices in the first place will make a huge difference. These appliances perform their tasks with minimal energy loss and help you save money by keeping your electricity bills low. 

If you find it expensive to make a sudden change, start with LED light bulbs. This is a fantastic alternative to fluorescent lights since it transforms 95% of its energy into light. You can buy them at affordable prices from your local hardware store—and from there, you can slowly make your home energy efficient!

    7. Check Your Air Conditioning Units

Regular air conditioner maintenance is essential to ensure that your investment stays in tip-top shape and can serve you for as long as possible. When the temperatures get warmer, air conditioners work to lessen the heat inside your home. Constant usage of this appliance leads to dust build-up and drainage problems. Prevent these issues from happening by keeping a close eye on the following parts:

  • Filters: Replace your filters regularly to avoid clogging. Doing so prevents the soiling of the evaporator coil and keeps the air quality fresh and cool.
  • Coils: Make sure to clean and keep your coils dirt-free annually, so their heat-absorbing qualities remain efficient. 
  • Coil fins: Did you know that the aluminum coil fins on your evaporator can bend and block airflow? Prevent this issue by using a fin comb to straighten the fins safely.
  • Condensate drains: An air conditioner has a drain where it excretes water. Dirt and debris can easily clog this channel, which prevents your unit from reducing humidity. Passing a stiff wire through will do the trick to keep your drains clear. 

If none of these maintenance tips work, this is a sign to contact a professional for a thorough AC repair.

Check Your Air Conditioning Units - LG Home Comfort

Call LG Home Comfort To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Using these home energy-efficiency tips can improve comfort and lower your electricity bills! 

LG Home Comfort is here to help in making your home energy efficient. Our expert team provides heating and cooling services, tankless water heater installation, and humidifier solutions. Give us a call and we’ll quickly provide you with reliable solutions and top-tier customer service. 

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