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September 12, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Home Energy Audit

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Home Energy Audit - LG Home Comfort

As most homes do, your energy and heating bills are undoubtedly excessively high. Growing energy costs are a contributing factor here, but inefficient house construction and design also likely play a role. A home’s energy efficiency may be increased in several ways. A professional home energy audit is the first step before deciding on a specific renovation

What is a home energy audit?

It’s common knowledge that there are simple things you can do around the house to reduce energy use, such as switching off lights, shutting windows, and taking shorter showers. But what if you could determine which energy-saving measures would save you money based on your home’s layout?

Home energy efficiency and weatherization are becoming higher priorities for homeowners. Homeowners are looking for energy solutions due to rising energy costs and uncomfortably-warm living spaces. Therein lies the usefulness of doing an energy audit on one’s dwelling. So, what exactly is an energy audit?

A professional energy audit evaluates how well your house meets current energy efficiency requirements. The auditor may suggest improvements since most older homes will fall short of modern standards. Professional home energy auditors have extensive education and training in building science and performance and may use an energy assessment program to determine how well your home utilizes energy.

Why should I get an energy audit?

An energy audit is one option if you want to reduce your monthly spending on utilities. It’s common for homeowners to overlook the potential contributors to their high energy bills. You should be aware that your household appliances still utilize energy even when turned off and not in use due to phantom loads.

Most individuals only consider how efficiently their house uses energy when they get their heating or cooling bills. In all likelihood, you are not pleased with what you find. Your monthly energy costs are excessive. Nonetheless, you may not realize there’s anything you can do about it. Finding out where your house is wasting energy and money and taking action to remedy it is best accomplished via a home energy assessment.

This blog post will cover five reasons you should undertake a home energy assessment. An energy audit may help you choose the best ways to maximize your home’s efficiency. If you decide to implement the changes suggested by your auditor, you will benefit:

1. Reduces your monthly energy bill cost.
Bills are something that nobody enjoys paying. If there was a way to reduce the amount you pay each month to your utility company, wouldn’t you take it? This is what the energy audit is meant to help you do. Reduce your monthly energy costs by making upgrades to your house that use less energy. After an energy audit, homeowners may be able to completely do away with their monthly energy expenditures in the circumstances, such as when they choose solar energy.

2. Enhances the coziness of your home.
Anyone who has experienced a desert summer can attest that people will do almost everything to be comfortable. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency may provide the same outcomes with less effort. That’s because a home that uses less energy to run also uses less energy to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

3. Eases pressure on HVAC systems.
Many people instantly lower their home’s thermostat when temperatures rise to dangerous levels. But if your house has drafty ductwork, narrow windows, or old insulation, your air conditioner will have difficulty keeping up. Your energy audit may show that you’ve been unknowingly cooling the attic crawl area or outside walls. If you make your house more energy-efficient, your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable. This will result in cheaper utility costs and less likelihood that your system may fail prematurely.

4. Creates a more wholesome environment.
Do you know the origins of the power you use at home? Despite mounting pressure, most large energy suppliers continue to depend on coal or gas-fired power facilities to supply demand. Besides contributing to global warming, these plants also pollute nearby water sources. Reduce your reliance on these power plants by making your house more energy efficient. Following an audit, you may make your home’s carbon impact nonexistent by investing in solar energy.

5. Provides monetary incentives to help defray system costs.
You may not realize this, but homeowners who put money into renewable energy sources can get tax breaks on both the state and federal levels. This might mean you get a rebate on your home energy assessment cost. As a result of federal tax credits, state incentives, and attractive financing alternatives, many households may go solar with zero upfront expenditures.

Furthermore, some nations, like Canada, provide the Greener Homes Grant, which enables homeowners to make their homes more energy-efficient while also boosting domestic green supply chains and battling climate change. Under the campaign, participants are eligible for up to $5,600 overall.

Final Thoughts

By doing an energy audit on your home, you may learn how much power your appliances use and get specific advice on making your house more energy efficient. A professional home energy audit may reduce your monthly electricity costs, improve the comfort of your household, and increase the value of your property on the market.  Your home may be more energy efficient and comfortable while having a smaller environmental impact if you have the necessary knowledge and a strategy for making those changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Energy Audit

1. What is a household energy audit?
An efficiency specialist will perform several tests on your house to determine how efficient your heating and cooling systems are, as well as any air leaks that may exist. You can contact us to schedule an appointment.

2. What is the purpose of an energy audit?
An energy use audit might help you find places to save costs. You’ll get insight into your energy use and learn new techniques for conserving power. Your house or company will be safer when an energy audit identifies potential electrical systems, wiring, and ventilation problems. A home’s resale value will rise as a result.

3. What is an energy audit checklist?
A home’s overall energy efficiency may be evaluated using an energy audit checklist that considers the building’s layout, appliances, and other components. Professional energy auditors may use this guide to find ways to cut down on energy use and costs.

4. Are home energy audits worth it?
The money spent on an energy audit and the subsequent efficiency upgrades will be money well spent when you see the results in the form of lower utility bills. Home energy efficiency renovations may reduce monthly utility costs from five percent to thirty percent.

5. What is the purpose of an audit system for energy control procedures?
When conducting an audit, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and the company’s internal standards are used to determine whether or not the management system, programs, procedures, processes, and other objects or things needed by the OPR are adequate.

6. What is an energy audit report?
A building’s energy efficiency may be improved with the help of an energy audit, which involves a thorough examination and study of the building’s energy systems and their flow patterns. A method or apparatus to reduce energy use without compromising output is possible.

7. What is an electrical audit?
What exactly is an energy audit? Electrical audits examine your house and power use to identify inefficiencies in energy use and provide practical ways to lower your total consumption.

8. How do you conduct an energy review?
A process is involved in conducting an energy review, and the needs are divided into inputs, the actual energy review, and outputs. Identifying your different energy types is the first stage in the process. These might include the usage of electricity, natural gas, or gasoline in your fleet of vehicles.

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