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November 09, 2020

What Happens When You Do Not Change Your HVAC Air Filter

HVAC Air Filter - LG Home Comfort

Did you know that not paying attention to your HVAC system’s air filter can lead to complications and its eventual malfunction? If you think it is only a small part of the system that does not deserve your attention, then think again. Forgetting to maintain and replace the filter can eventually lead to more headaches and expenses. If you want to know more about what could happen, this article will help you understand. 

What Is an Air Filter?

An air filter is a thin cardboard frame covered with pleated fabric, washable fabric, or fibreglass. It is inserted into the HVAC system, acting as a barrier against contaminants. Its function is to clear the air and ensure that you are inhaling healthy air, free of dust, dirt, bacteria, animal fur, or mould. It traps and holds the different particles and contaminants circulating through your cooling and heating system. It is also responsible for making sure that your home’s air quality is at a healthy level. 

Air Filter Maintenance: How Often Should You Replace It

Air filters need to be replaced frequently, but it depends on the type of filter you are using and the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, most suggest replacing your system’s air filter every one or two months, but it can also change depending on the situation you have at home. 

For example, if you have no pets and are living alone, or the home is not used as frequently, your air filter can last up to six months or one year before it needs to be replaced. If you live with the whole family, but without any pets, the filter can last up to three months. Meanwhile, owning a pet will require you to change your filter every two months. In case you have more than one pet or have allergies, you need to change your filters more frequently―between three to seven weeks. 

Since the timing is situation-dependent, the best way to know is to have your air filters checked regularly by professional HVAC technicians. They can recommend the ideal timing for replacement.

The Effects of Not Changing Your Air Filters

If you neglect the need to change your HVAC’s air filters, here are the consequences your home will experience:

#1: Uneven Cooling

If your air filter is full of dirt, it can restrict the flow of cold air. The cold air will build up inside the unit instead of reaching the other end of the space. As a result, there will be hot and cold spots in your house, which means a low comfort level and higher energy costs. 

#2: Increase in Electricity Bill

The dirtier your system filter, the harder your HVAC system needs to work to pull the air through and to your home. It can cause higher energy consumption, which is equal to higher electric bills. 

#3: Health Concerns

Air filters can get you cleaner air, but it can also harm your health if not maintained well. When there is excessive allergen buildup in your filters, it can contaminate the air that circulates inside your home, and they can linger there for months. Aside from allergies, it can also trigger other health problems like headaches, congestion, nausea, and mould production.

#4: Total System Failure

The internal cold buildup will eventually freeze your system’s coil. The harder the system works, the more it is prone to breaking down.


If you want your HVAC system to last long, make sure that you give it the proper maintenance it requires. Dealing with regular air filter replacement will cost you less than repairs or repurchasing a new system. Protect your HVAC system and the health of everyone in your household. Mark your calendars and schedule regular maintenance and air filter replacements.

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