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December 15, 2020

Why is Your Water Heater Making Weird Sounds?

Water Heater Making Weird Sounds - LG Home Comfort

Strange sounds coming from your water heater is never a good sign. At best, it can allude to a minor problem within, but in severe cases, it can be a sign of the water heater breaking down. Whatever the noise is—popping, bubbling, screeching, or sizzling—you need to have it addressed at the earliest to avoid significant breakdowns (and expensive repairs).

The first step in addressing them is by trying to figure out what’s causing the sounds. Here are some of the most common reasons why your water heater may be making weird sounds.

If It’s Popping

Popping is one of the most common sounds your water heater can make. It is usually caused due to excessive mineral deposits or sediment buildup at the bottom of the heater. This is a common issue in Vaughan since we have a hard water supply.

If your water heater is making this sound, you need to contact us immediately to rectify it. If this is ignored, the buildup can worsen and end up trapping the water, which can cause the tank to burst. We can flush out your water heater and remove all the mineral and debris deposits from your water heater.

If It’s Screeching

On the other hand, a screeching sound isn’t that big of a deal, but it still needs to be addressed quickly. Screeching sound generally indicates a restriction in the water flow, the most likely cause being the inlet valve that is partially closed. 

The solution to a screeching noise is to first check if the value is an opened property. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you need to contact us to check your system thoroughly.

If It’s Crackling

Crackling sounds usually occur in gas-powered water heaters due to condensation on the burner. It is usually not a sign of a significant issue with the water heater, but if it persists, you should have us take a look at it. Generally, no action is required when you hear the crackling sound, even though it is a bit annoying.

If It’s Sizzling

A sizzling sound occurs when there’s a leak in your water heater; here, the leaking water drips on the burner or another hot surface, making the sizzling noise. Unfortunately, fixing the sizzling sound isn’t an easy fix and requires a major water heater overhaul. 

If It’s Ticking

Ticking sound is quite common if your water heater is heat traps or check valves installed. The heat traps or check valves help prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction, and they can often make a ticking sound when actuating, which is entirely normal. If the ticking disturbs you, you can just replace the heat trap with a dielectric nipple to get rid of the annoying ticking sound.

The Second Step

The first step is diagnosing the sound, the second step is addressing it. However, we recommend not carrying out any DIY jobs on your water heater as they are expensive pieces of equipment. Instead, let us help you. We are here to fix your water heater in Vaughan for the best price! Get a quote now.

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