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 Get Up to $7,100 for making your home more energy efficient!

Ontario Energy Rebates are available for:

Furnace/boiler replacement | Heat Pumps | Hybrid water heaters | Boilers | Tankless Water heaters | … and more!

Check to see if you qualify for a home efficiency rebate.

See if You Qualify

These homes do not qualify for the program:

Homes that are not the owners’ primary residence and do not have an active Enbridge Gas account.

Multi-unit residential buildings (MURB) with more than 3 storeys or larger than 600 m2.


Homes built less than 6 months ago.

Mixed use buildings that are less than 50% residential.

Energy Rebates in Ontario

If you are an Ontario resident and you own your own detached, semi-detached, row home or mobile home, you are now eligible to receive thousands of dollars in rebates for energy-efficient home renovations.

How much money can I get in rebates?

You can get up to $5,000 in rebates to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

How do I get started?

You need to schedule a home energy assessment with one of our experts BEFORE starting any work. A registered energy advisor will provide a report with a list of recommended upgrades to help make your home more energy-efficient and lower your energy bill.

How many upgrades do I need to qualify?

To qualify for the rebate program, you need to complete at least two eligible upgrades. For each additional upgrade you install, you’ll get additional bonus incentives up to $750. To qualify for the furnace rebate, you must complete three upgrades.

What renovation projects qualify for a rebate?

Here are some of the renovations that can qualify for a rebate:

  • Exterior wall insulation – Get up to $3,000 back
  • Basement insulation – Get up to $1,250 back
  • Boiler Installation – Get $1,000 back
  • Attic insulation – Get up to $750 back
  • Water heater installation – Get $400 back
  • Furnace installation – Get $250 back
  • Air sealing – Get up to $150 back
  • Window/door/skylight – Get $40 back for each

There are also bonus rebates for doing multiple renovations at the same time.

What happens after I finish my upgrades?

You need to schedule a follow-up energy assessment with us to do a final assessment to qualify for any rebates. The follow-up visit takes about one hour and must take place within 120 days of your first visit.

When do I receive the rebate?

Typically you will receive your rebate cheque within 12 weeks of the final assessment.

Check to see if you qualify for an Home Efficiency Rebate Today

We work with you, the homeowner, by connecting you with our energy assessment professionals Energywerx and Homesol who can advise you on what projects and rebates might be best for your home.

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