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Suppose you need heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services but are overwhelmed with expensive quotes and subpar services. In that case, it might be time to give LG Home Comfort a go. 

As Oakville’s best, local full-service HVAC company, you’ll receive the best service from the best team when working with us. 

If our dedicated team sounds like the right fit for you, call us at 866-438-5442 or get a quote, and we’ll get right back to you. We’ll improve your quality of life with an HVAC system that lasts!

Meet The Best Oakville HVAC Company!

It’s about time we introduce you to our beloved LG Home Comfort company! 

Our mission has always been clear: provide exceptional service with a warm, personal touch. We’ve worked hard to ensure all our clients feel heard, respected, and satisfied. It’s why we always keep an ear out for criticism and continuously educate ourselves on HVAC installs, repairs, and maintenance. 

Every one of our 100 technicians is a thoroughly trained and licensed HVAC expert. Our teams are constantly working, improving, and providing service that goes above and beyond. 

Our clients and the community have recognized our effort. We have over 12 000 happy customers, and we also won the 2021 Best Of Award and received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our outstanding service. 

Suppose you want exceptional and affordable HVAC installs, repairs, and maintenance, handled by a caring team. In that case, LG Home Comfort is the only option for you! 

Contact us today, and experience the best Oakville has to offer.

Furnace Services

Whether you live alone or have a big family, a heating system can make or break your home. It becomes crucial if you experience cold winters. 

LG Home Comfort will handle all your furnace installs, repairs, and maintenance. We only use the best equipment and provide affordable prices so that every home can enjoy heating.

Air Conditioning Services

Many clients believe air conditioning is only for the uber-rich, but we’re here to dispel that myth. We’ve worked hard to provide air conditioning options for every budget. 

We don’t cut corners; we use only the best for our clients to ensure peak system performance year-round. 

Water Heater Services

A water heating system is essential to a happy and healthy home, even during summer. So whether you need water heater installs, repairs, or maintenance, you can count on LG Home Comfort for the best and most affordable service.

Tankless Services

Don’t leave your tankless installation, repairs, or maintenance in the hands of amateurs. Not when LG Home Comfort provides top-notch tankless services at an affordable price.

Commercial Services

Let our experience and licensed technicians handle your commercial installations, repairs, and maintenance. We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to ensure your commercial HVAC systems receive the best care.

Add-on Services

Look no further if you need add-on services like water purification, water softener installation, HEPA filters, or air purifier installation. We’ll provide you with add-on services that are comprehensive and affordable.

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