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Water Quality Solutions

Your homes’ water is an essential part of your everyday life – everything you do in your home requires it.

You consume it. You wash with it. You cook with it. Water is such a major part of your home life that you need to make sure you have the best possible quality of water for the well-being and safety for you and your family. From hard water problems that can cause damage to your water heater and appliances to pollutants in your drinking water, it is critical to have good quality water. Contact the LG Home Comfort team to test your water, free of charge, and design a solution that gives you the best quality water possible.

360° Home Comfort Service

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Due to age and wear and tear, your water purifier may face several issues, including strange smell or taste, low water pressure, clogged filters, and faulty electricals. When such problems occur, you should contact us for the safest repair solutions.

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The best way to ensure your family’s health and safety from contaminated water is by having your purifier serviced annually. We provide the best and safest water purifier maintenance and tune-up solutions that include inspecting, cleaning, and addressing any hidden issues.

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If you haven’t installed a water purifier yet, or want to upgrade your old water purifier, you should contact us for that as well. We can help you find the best water purification system for your home that not only meets your budgets and needs but exceeds your expectations.

Hard water can wreak havoc on your appliances.

No one wants to pour water out of a kettle only to see white flakes dancing around in your tea. That’s the result of hard water mineral build up and it can do major damage to your appliances, lf left unchecked. A water softener can filter out those impurities and provide “soft” water that increases the longevity of your dishwasher, makes you clothes feel softer and saves on “descaling” your coffee maker.

Say goodbye to bottled water and hello to healthier water and protecting the planet.

Yes, we have all been guilty of it. Bottled water is very convenient, but it is not as healthy as you think. Even though it may come from a “natural spring”, many of the chemicals and impurities still remain. With a home water filtration solution, you can enjoy higher quality water, with the convenience of on-demand access right in your kitchen. Plus, with no unrecyclable plastic waste, you help save the planet, and that is good for all of us.

The next level in high-quality water for your home and family.

If you want the best level of water purification, then you need to look no further than a reverse osmosis system. Eliminating almost all salt and 99% of bacteria and pyrogenic substances from your water, a reverse osmosis system is also a perfect solution for those who have health issues due to a compromised immune system. Also, a reverse osmosis system uses substantially less energy than other water filtration solutions, so it is extremely efficient.

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