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October 05, 2020

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace Immediately

Signs You Need To Replace Furnace Immediately - LG Home Comfort

In any Canadian home, a furnace is one of the most important fixtures that a family can have because it helps provide comfort for everyone to enjoy.

With Canada’s weather growing even colder each year and the winter seasons becoming far more aggressive, the average heater’s dependence is guaranteed to grow. For your home, you may find yourself facing the need to keep the furnace on for longer (and even slightly stronger) because the weather doesn’t permit any less!

Considering the role that heaters play in turning any house into a home and their importance in determining a space’s comfort, it’s clear that they’re a significant investment that can’t be overlooked. Contrary to what most homeowners like to believe, however, the harsh reality of furnaces is that they will need to be replaced sooner or later because they don’t last forever.

Now that you’ve understood the need for furnace replacements, there’s one concern that needs to be addressed: when should you replace it?

A Few Key Signs to Watch Out For

Admittedly, knowing when to replace an ailing furnace can be quite tricky because the signs aren’t as apparent as they’d be with other crucial investments.

Unlike cars which shudder and sputter and homes that start to crumble, the average furnace can suddenly conk out and leave you shivering even if it was perfectly fine just the day before. However, you can prevent such a terrible situation from happening by watching out for these three eye-opening signs so that you know precisely when to phone in a replacement:

Sign #1: Your Furnace Has Not Been Replaced for Two Decades Since the Last Maintenance

Generally, the average lifespan of a home heating system will always be within the 15 to 20-year mark, depending on how much maintenance and care it was given.

While the average replacement countdown starts at the 15-year mark, it is best to begin searching for potential replacements ahead of time once the furnace becomes a decade old. Once you have a clear awareness of how old your heating investment is, it will be far easier to prevent unwanted slowdowns and other associated problems with a well-timed replacement!

Sign #2: Your Home Has Been Using More Electricity Than Usually

When it comes to telltale signs, nothing screams “replace soon” louder than a sudden and steep increase in your monthly utility bill.

If you’ve been using your devices as you usually would, but your kWh meter readings have been off the charts, then it is best to assume that your furnace’s age is the culprit. By the time a furnace starts eating up more electricity than it usually would, it will become a signal that a full-on replacement is due sometime soon since it is a point of no return.

(Did you know that you can call LG Home Comfort for a furnace inspection to verify if your heating device is the culprit of your sudden sharp increase in utility bills?)

Sign #3: Your Indoor Air Quality Is a Few Notches Shy of Abhorrent

Among the different signs that you need to watch out for when spotting the need for a replacement, none are going to be more prevalent than low indoor air quality.

Typically, excessive humidity, dust, and dirt in the air are confused by many as a sign of pollen season or a need for a thorough clean-up. Once the indoor air quality becomes intolerable even after every “fix” has been carried out, then it’s safe to say that an ailing and ageing furnace is the culprit, meaning that you’ll need to replace it immediately!


Knowing precisely when it’s time to replace a furnace can easily prove to be a tricky task because of all the different possibilities and factors involved in the process, unless you keep the right signs in mind. By taking the time to watch out for the three signs mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about a sudden breakdown or costly and untimely replacement!

We provide homes with new furnace system installation services in Toronto, Barrie, and Stoney Creek. If you want a certified Reliance Dealer to take care of your furnace replacement needs, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and see how we can help!

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