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September 29, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Home Energy Rebates in Ontario

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Have you been feeling the stress of rising energy costs? You’re not alone. 

Upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances can be expensive, which is why the Canadian federal and provincial governments have launched lucrative energy rebate initiatives to help individuals afford these products. Successful applicants can receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help offset these steep costs. 

In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about Ontario energy rebates, from program details and eligibility criteria to the application process. This is the start of your family’s journey towards a sustainable and more comfortable home!

Types of Home Energy Rebates

Canada’s commitment to energy efficiency is not limited to a single program but encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of offerings tailored to different aspects of your home’s energy consumption.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your heating or cooling system, reduce water consumption, invest in renewable energy solutions, or improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, you’ll find a diverse range of incentives designed to support your efforts.

Canadian Energy Rebates

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The Government of Canada aims to positively contribute to the economy, environment, and society through Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). This department has several offices seeking to develop policies and programs that improve the quality of life for all Canadians.

The NRCan’s Office of Energy Efficiency promotes the benefits of energy efficiency—lower energy costs, lower emissions, and increasing asset values—to the residential sector through its rebate programs. The following initiatives can help every Canadian homeowner afford energy-efficient appliances and retrofits:

  • Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program – This program helps homeowners switch from oil fuel for home heating to electric cold climate air source heat pumps. Eligible applicants can receive an upfront payment of up to $10,000.
  • Canada Greener Homes Grant – Eligible applicants can receive a grant of up to $5,000  to fight climate change by adding retrofits to their homes.

Ontario Energy Rebates

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Here are two of the main Ontario energy rebates available to residents of this province:

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Local Utility Rebates

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On a regional level, here are the different home energy rebates in Ontario: 

  • Enbridge Gas Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) – Enbridge Gas customers who use natural gas for home heating can receive up to $10,000. Eligible participants can also receive a $600 grant to offset the cost of their EnerGuide home evaluation. 
  • Smart Thermostats – Enbridge Gas customers who live in detached, semi-detached, or row townhomes are eligible for an instant rebate when they install a qualifying smart thermostat purchase online and at Home Depot stores province-wide.

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In Ontario, investing in energy-efficient home upgrades is the best way to leverage energy rebates. Qualifying residents will have the opportunity to save money on the following common home upgrades:

High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling Systems

Upgrading your heating and cooling system to a high-efficiency heat pump or air conditioner can have a significant impact on your energy consumption. These systems use less energy to generate heat, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Ontario HVAC rebates.

Heat Pumps

Furnace rebates in Ontario, like the Green Energy Savings Rebate, focus on replacing your old furnace models with high-quality heat pumps. This 2-in-1 heating and cooling system is more environmentally friendly than a furnace because it doesn’t generate heat. Instead, it transfers heat from the outdoor air or ground into the home. This process consumes less energy, making heat pumps highly efficient. 

Although heat pumps are known for higher upfront costs, there are Ontario energy rebates that can help offset these expenses!

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Air Conditioners

AC rebates in Ontario make energy-efficient products more accessible to homeowners. Buying ENERGY STAR-certified air conditioners can lead to being rewarded with point-of-sale rebates.

Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling System and Save Up to $8,400

Insulation Improvements

Ontario energy rebates are perfect for covering insulating retrofits. Insulation slows the rate at which heat escapes from building materials, thus increasing energy efficiency. It provides resistance to heat flow, meaning more heat is trapped indoors so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. Another eligible retrofit offered by Ontario is air sealing. Doing so reduces your home’s draftiness and prevents cool or warm air from leaving. 

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Water-Efficient Appliances

Water Heaters

Water-efficient appliances, such as water heaters, are designed to use less water while maintaining or improving their performance. These appliances offer several advantages, including reduced water and energy consumption, lower utility bills, and a positive environmental impact.

Water heater rebates, including tankless water heater rebates, typically cover the upfront cost of the appliance. The eligibility criteria vary depending on the rebate, but it usually takes into account the type of appliance being replaced, the new appliance’s efficiency rating, and in some cases, income limitations.

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Upgrade Your Water Heater System and Save Up to $8,400

New Windows and Doors

If you live in an older home, chances are that it could use an upgrade with energy-efficient windows and doors. Single-pane windows and improperly sealed doors are the culprits of significant energy loss and increased heating and cooling bills. 

Ontario home energy rebates cover some of the costs associated with upgrading your windows and doors to ENERGY STAR-certified products. These items have passed strict standardized testing, guaranteeing increased comfort, reduced energy loss, and higher savings.

Solar Panels and Renewable Energy

Solar energy is great for the environment because it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses and reduces air pollution. As a form of renewable energy, solar photovoltaic systems also lessen your overall reliance on fossil fuels.

Energy rebates in Ontario offer a grant for installing solar photovoltaic systems—including the panels and inverter—to serve as your home’s primary energy source. 

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How to Apply for Home Energy Rebates

Navigating the world of home energy rebates in Ontario can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria and follow best practices when applying for these incentives.

Meeting the necessary requirements can significantly increase your chances of qualifying for rebates and maximizing your energy savings. Follow the steps below for a successful rebate application.

   1. Research Suitable Programs

The key to finding energy rebates is to look in the right place. Thankfully, the Canadian government has compiled all energy programs offered across the country in this helpful directory, which can be filtered by location, source (federal, provincial, municipal, etc.) and sector.

From here, you can create a clear plan for the energy-efficient upgrades or improvements you’re interested in. Knowing exactly what you need can help you select the right rebate programs and prepare adequately.

   2. Compile Important Records and Documentation

Have the following documentation handy before applying for any rebate program.

  • Contact and property information (proof of residence)
  • Proof of ownership/tenancy
  • Energy assessment or audit reports (if applicable)
  • Details of upgrades
  • Receipts and invoices (paid in full) for equipment/services
  • Product specifications
  • Contractor information
  • Income/banking information
  • Permits and inspections
  • Existing equipment information

   3. Read and Follow Application Instructions

Carefully review the application guidelines and instructions provided by the relevant program. Follow these tips for a smooth application process:

  • Always read and follow the fine print; never skip a detail
  • Gather appropriate documentation and keep copies for your records
  • Be aware of application deadlines and submit it well in advance
  • Double-check for any errors or omissions before submitting your application
  • Don’t be shy to contact client support if needed
  • Apply for multiple rebates applicable to your needs
  • Meet installation requirements
  • If possible, apply online!
  • Follow up if needed

   4. Work with Certified Professionals

In many cases, in order to qualify for Ontario energy rebates, homeowners are required to have equipment and systems installed by licensed and certified HVAC professionals. Ensure that you hire qualified contractors to carry out the work!

This also applies to the energy audit. This type of assessment can pinpoint areas where your home can be more energy efficient and help you prioritize upgrades.

If you’re unsure about eligibility or the application process, don’t hesitate to consult industry experts. By working with a trusted company like LG Home Comfort, we provide a 100% rebate guarantee after we perform an in-home consultation. Additionally, we’ll cover the cost of all energy audits! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Schedule Your Free In-Home Assessment

Tips for Maximizing Rebates

Being approved for Ontario home energy rebates requires time and patience. A single misstep—like forgetting to have your home energy evaluated—will void your application, regardless of how far you are in the process. 

Here are a few tips for maximizing Ontario energy rebates with that in mind: 

Bundle Upgrades for Maximum Savings

Some programs encourage multiple upgrades at once. Consider bundling energy-efficient improvements, such as combining a heat pump installation with better insulation or a smart thermostat to qualify for additional incentives.

Work with your registered energy advisor to determine which upgrades make the most sense to have done at the same time. You can also use this eligibility retrofitting guide to cross-check which recommendations on the upgrade report are qualified to complete at the same time. 

Don’t forget that rebates are paid out at the end of your projects. To ensure you are in a position to take on multiple renovations, speak with your financial advisor before attempting to bundle them. 

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Leverage Local Programs

Zero and low-interest loan programs exist to fund retrofitting projects, such as: 

These can help make the initial costs or retrofitting more manageable, especially as you await your rebate cheque following a successful application. 

Explore Additional Tax Credits

Beyond Ontario energy rebates, explore tax credits available in your province. Below are some Ontario programs to check out:

Save Up to $8,400 By Working With the Pros

LG Home Comfort is the only HVAC company to guarantee rebates 100% of the time. All you need to do is schedule an in-home consultation with a member of our team, which will allow us to determine exactly how we can help.

Energy rebates in Ontario can go a long way toward making the costs of retrofitting your home more manageable. Successful applicants can receive thousands of dollars for making their homes more comfortable and efficient—so what’s holding you back?

We understand that not everyone has the time or resources to dedicate to this. That’s why LG Home Comfort is here to help—just ask the 10,000+ homeowners we’ve secured Ontario home energy rebates for!

Call us at 1-866-438-5442 to learn more about Ontario HVAC rebates, and we’ll tell you how we can save you money.


Are There Any Energy Rebates in Ontario?

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There are several Ontario energy rebates at the provincial and municipal levels. Homeowners are also encouraged to apply for multiple grants simultaneously. One of the most popular energy rebates in Ontario is the Energy Rebate Plus program (HER+).

Are There Any Rebates for Tankless Water Heaters?

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The Energy Savings Rebate is a great option for homeowners searching for tankless water heater rebates. Receive up to 25% off the purchase price of an ENERGY STAR-certified tankless water heater up to $1,000. 

Can I Use Ontario Rebates for a New Furnace?

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Unfortunately, most government furnace rebates discourage homeowners from using furnaces. They favour heat pumps as they are a more environmentally friendly option. However, if a furnace is paired with a hybrid heat pump system, eligible homeowners can receive up to $6,500 + $600 audit rebate.

What Should I Do When My Energy Rebate Application Is Rejected?

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Failing an application for a rebate program doesn’t mean it’s over. Some initiatives offer second chances as long as you meet their eligibility criteria. Consider applying again or expand your application to other avenues.

Do I Need to Hire a Professional Contractor for Eligible Retrofits?

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Only large retrofits—like HVAC and window replacements—require mandatory professional servicing. Nonetheless, we recommend hiring professional contractors to ensure every retrofit is installed correctly. This will also ensure you don’t void your equipment warranty. 

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